Pneumatic Conveyor

The QUANTUM range of Pneumatic Conveying Systems and Equipment truly offers a complete end-to-end solution for those materials best conveyed via airflows.

Our aim is to utilise our range of pneumatic conveying systems to improve product flows and eliminate plant bottlenecks while economically and efficiently conveying material throughout your facility. Whether it is loading or unloading silos and bags, batching material into a process, or simply moving material from A to B, QUANTUM has the system to do the job.

At QUANTUM, we are acutely aware of geographical problems that face our clients around the world, such as high humidity and condensation. If not taken into account, these factors can render a pneumatic conveying system inoperable.  Where necessary, QUANTUM incorporates de-humidification and air chilling to ensure a robust and trouble free system.

The QUANTUM range of Pneumatic Conveying equipment and systems includes:

• Air-slides

• Vacuum systems

• Dust collection systems

• Dense phase conveyors

• Dilute phase conveyors

• Fume extraction systems

Typical Pneumatic Conveying Applications include:

• Bag house dust   

 • Lime

• Calcium carbonate

• Limestone

• Carbon black    

• PVC resin

• Activated carbon    

• Soda ash

• Cement

• Sugar

• Fly-ash

• Talc

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Address: No.102, Central Avenue of Southern Industrial Area,Yangzhou,Jiangsu

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