Heavy Duty Chain Conveyor

Heavy-range of chain conveyors are developed to convey materials like cement, power coal, gypsum, potash, crushed chalk and lime type of products where material is moderately abrasive and flow able.

Forged, hardened chain links with welded crossbars are used to convey materials which run on manganese wear rail.

Conveyor casings and bolt holes are cut using CNC laser machines and folded. The conveyor is off fabricated construction with bottom, side and covers plates are fitted with butt straps for easy removal.

Chain conveyors can be situated in a horizontal, inclined, or in vertical arrangement. Conveyor`s bottom and side panels are made off 5mm folded sheets with 3mm top cover. Drive and tail units are fitted with flanged bearing housings with seals in standard design and Plummer bearing housing is available as an option.

They have special designed easy removable type split sprockets for tail and head end assembly.

Tail end comes with adjustable screw take up with spring washers. Dust tight and high temperature conveyors are available on request.

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